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At Excel Concrete, We only use the best products available.

When you’re looking for an epoxy garage floor coating, a polyaspartic garage floor coating, or just a general upgrade to your garage floor, Excel Concrete Coatings is here to help. We are experts in the field of garage floor coatings and can provide you with a quality product that will last for years. Our coatings come from the highest quality materials, and we apply them professionally.

Best Concrete Coatings in Waukesha & Southeastern Wisconsin

Excel Concrete Coatings specializes in the highest quality garage floor coatings.

At Excel Concrete Coatings, we offer numerous different coatings systems, including full-chip systems, metallic systems, and solid color systems.

Check below frequently asked questions and the answers our experts have provided for our clients.

What Are Garage Floor Coatings?

Our garage floor coatings are made with Polyurea and Polyaspartic, giving your garage floor extra protection when compared with standard epoxy.


What are polyurea coatings used for?

Polyurea is a material that is a subset of polyurethane. It is very durable, it lasts longer than traditional coating, and is scratch & slip resistant.
Polyurea protects concrete surfaces and structures from abrasion and corrosion damage. It can help preserve a deteriorating concrete structure and help repair and keep concrete surfaces intact. It resists scratches, chemicals, oils and salts in residential and commercial floor applications.

How do we apply our coatings to a garage floor?

Our Process :-

1.Diamond Grinding– We prepare the surface with a diamond grind process by opening up the pours of your concrete, removing all stains, sealers and contaminants from the concrete surface.

2.Repair the Concrete
Cracks– We use a diamond grinder to open up and abrade both sides of the crack to allow for a better product adhesion.
Pitting– Just like repairing the cracks, we mix the mender material and overfill the pitted area.
Once the mender material is fully cured, we grind the overfilled mender material flush with the concrete surface.

3. Apply the Polyurea Base coat
We pour the Polyurea base coat onto the floor using a squeegee to spread the material evenly to the desired thickness. We repeat the squeegee process until the whole concrete surface is covered completely.

4. Broadcasting the Color Chips
When the floor is completely covered with our polyurea base coat, we cover your floor by broadcasting the chips (sometimes called flakes) into the wet coatings by hand, covering the whole floor with the chips. By covering your floor with chips, we ensure that the floor is completely covered, leaving it uniform in color and texture.

5. Scrape
Once the flake/chip has adhered to the floor we will scrape with a floor scraper to smooth and remove any loose chip, then vacuum.

6. Apply the Polyaspartic Clear Top Coat
After our floor has been prepped, coated, chipped, scraped and vacuumed, we apply the Polyaspartic Top Coat with a squeegee and roller. The squeegee is used to spread the polyaspartic top coat to the desired thickness. The roller is used to back-roll and cross-roll the entire surface. This smoothes any lines left behind by the squeegee and leaves a nice even clear coat over the entire floor.

6. Final Step
We clean up and leave the floor to dry. After 24 hours you may walk on your newly coated floor and 48 hrs you may drive on it. You are going to love your new floor!

Are Garage Floor Coatings Affordable?

Yes, garage floor coatings are very affordable. In fact, they are usually much less expensive than other types of flooring options. However, they are also a great investment because they will last for many years and keep your garage floor looking new.

Is Polyurea / Polyaspartic coatings used in Residential and Commercial?

Polyurea/Polyaspartic polyurea is increasingly becoming the go-to concrete coating choice for commercial properties, such as airplane hangers, restaurants, police stations and fire houses. On the residential end, we have coated many garages, basements, sunrooms, laundry rooms, patios and much more.


Are Polyurea coatings waterproof?

Yes, our coatings are extremely resistant and waterproof


Are Garage Floor Coatings Right For You?

If you are looking for a way to protect your garage floor or improve its appearance, then a garage floor coating is a great option. Contact Excel Concrete Coatings today to learn more about our products and services. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you choose the right coating for your needs.

Why Choose Excel Concrete Coatings?

Excel Concrete Coatings is the best garage floor coatings company in the Waukesha & Southeastern Wisconsin! Our crew works side by side with the most cutting-edge technology in the garage floor coatings industry. As a result, we deliver the very best service and ensure our customers are always pleased.

At Excel Concrete Coatings, we offer numerous different coatings systems, including full-chip systems, metallic systems, and solid color systems.

Best Concrete Coatings in Waukesha & Southeastern Wisconsin

If you’re looking for quality service at an affordable price, then look no further than Excel Concrete Coatings. Call our experts today at (262) 993-6950!

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Why Us?


Floors are resistant to all common chemicals, including calcium, salt, oil, gasoline and grease.


Our coatings are stronger and much more durable than standard epoxy flooring solutions.


Our floors are UV Stable.


Flooring options are available in a variety of styles and colors.

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