Our ultimate goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Offering a full range of products, our coating systems provide a durable finished floor that is both easy to maintain and adds value to your home.

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Excel Concrete Coatings has been providing the best floor coating services in the Waukesha area for years. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our work, and it shows in the results that we produce.


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Dennis TorresDennis Torres
13:29 03 May 24
I'm a Maintenance Director at nursing home. This company is awesome, if looking to get floor done this is your company!!!!!
Jworgull JworgullJworgull Jworgull
22:05 30 Apr 24
Had our garage done today and it looks great.Workers got the job done quickly and were very professional. We highly recommend Excel Concrete Coatings.Janet (Waukesha)
17:18 20 Apr 24
Professional crew, excellent product!
14:20 11 Apr 24
Prompt service, quality work. Highly recommended.
Maher AyadMaher Ayad
22:45 05 Apr 24
Very professional job
Excel Concrete Coatings did a fabulous job on our bathrooms! Greg and LuAnn were easy to work with, helped us stay within budget, and completed the job when promised. Highly recommend them!
James NashJames Nash
14:37 23 Aug 23
Very pleased with results. Provided work just as described. Arrived promptly at designated time and had all work completed in 12 hours. Provided quick responses to preliminary questions and returned scheduling calls promptly. No hassles.
Sarah AppletonSarah Appleton
23:41 24 Mar 23
We couldn’t be more pleased with our garage floor. Before, we couldn’t walk on our floor without concret shrapnel in our feet. They came out and made the floor better than new, sealing away the old damage, re-creating the seems, and giving us a floor that our neighbors are jealous of! Easy to clean after winter, and it looks so nice! Highly recommend!
Linda DierbeckLinda Dierbeck
03:19 04 Mar 23
I had gotten my garage floor and front step area done. I just love it. LuAnn always called me back right away and answered all my questions. The workers were on time and very professional. Anyone who saw our garage asked who had done it and have used them and very happy also. I would say you will be very happy using them as we were.


We are experts in the field of garage floor coatings and can provide you with a quality product that will last for years. The coatings we apply will protect your floor from wear and tear. Contact us for more details.


Commercial coatings are type of flooring solution ideal for commercial and industrial use. This type of concrete coating is designed to resist wear and tear and can also help increase the value of your property.


Basement coatings are a fantastic addition to any home, that when applied to your basement flooring can protect against water damage, mold, and mildew. Contact us for more details and get a free quote.


Patio coatings are the perfect solution if you want to protect your patio from weather damage and other elements, all while making your patio look like new.

Porch Coatings

Protect your porch with Excel Concrete Coatings and our amazing Porch coatings! Prevent weather damage and keep your floor looking sharp with our incredible flooring solutions.

PoolDeck Coatings

Perfect your pool deck with our Polyaspartic Pool Deck coatings. UV Stable and resistant to slipping, you can host your pool parties with safety and style in mind!

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Excel Concrete Coatings has been providing the best floor coating services in the Waukesha area for years. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our work, and it shows in the results that we produce.

Our history is one of hard work and determination, and we are committed to continuing that tradition into the future. We believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best, and we will always go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

So, if you’re looking for a floor coating company that can provide quality service at an affordable price, then look no further than Excel Concrete Coatings!

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Excel Concrete Coatings’ Story

Officially founded in 2018 by Greg Beebe, a lifelong Wisconsin, our mission has always been the same: to provide quality concrete coatings for garages, patios, businesses, and more. Our competitive advantages has always been great relationships with our community and quality customer service. Greg and his team believe in giving back to our community in Waukesha – and concrete flooring is how we can best serve where we call home.

Common Concrete Coating Questions:

What are the benefits of concrete coating in Wisconsin?

As a concrete coating company with years of experience operating in Wisconsin, here are the main benefits our customers get from using concrete coating for their floors:

  • Durability: Coatings protect the concrete from wear, tear, and chemical spills, extending its lifespan.
  • Aesthetics: Coatings can enhance the appearance of concrete through various colors and finishes.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Coated surfaces are easier to clean and maintain than bare concrete.
  • Increased Property Value: A well-maintained, aesthetically pleasing concrete surface can increase the value of a property.
How long does concrete coating last?

The lifespan of concrete coatings can vary significantly based on the type of coating used, the environment, and how well the floor is maintained. This also depends on the type of flooring you use.

Generally, coatings like epoxy can last between 5 to 10 years in a residential setting, but in commercial or industrial environments, it might require more frequent maintenance.

Where can I add a concrete floor?

At Excel, we offer a variety of concrete coating services that best fit your needs. These include:

Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings, such as epoxy or polyaspartic, offer excellent resistance to oil stains, chemicals, and abrasion, making them ideal for the harsh conditions of a garage environment.

These coatings are also water-resistant, preventing damage from spills and making cleaning simple and efficient. By applying a coating, the garage floor not only becomes more durable but also transforms aesthetically into a bright, clean, and professional-looking space. 

Basement Coatings

Basement coatings are crucial for protecting the underlying concrete from moisture intrusion, which is common in below-grade spaces.

These coatings help prevent the growth of mold and mildew, ensuring a healthier environment. Additionally, basement floor coatings can provide a decorative touch to an often overlooked area, converting it into a more livable and appealing space.

Porch Coatings

Porch coatings enhance both the durability and aesthetics of outdoor entry areas. These coatings are designed to withstand varying weather conditions, protecting the concrete from UV rays, rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations.

Patio Coatings

Patio coatings extend the life of concrete patios by providing a protective layer that resists weathering, staining, and fading.

Ideal for outdoor leisure areas, these coatings make the surface easy to clean and maintain, requiring only occasional washing to keep it looking new.

Commercial Floor Coatings

Commercial floor coatings are essential for businesses needing durable, easy-to-maintain flooring solutions that can handle heavy foot traffic and equipment wear.

These coatings are typically resistant to spills, stains, and heavy impacts, providing a practical and cost-effective flooring option.

Can concrete coatings be customized?

Yes, concrete coatings can be highly customized in terms of color, texture, and finish. Additives can be mixed into coatings to create effects like metallic or flake finishes, and colors can be customized to match or enhance the existing decor.

We have an entire catalouge of flake colors you can choose from here.

How much does concrete coating cost in Wisconsin?

The cost of concrete coating can vary widely depending on the area’s size, the type of coating selected, the condition of the existing concrete, and any special designs or effects.

Generally, prices might range from $3 to $12 per square foot.

To get an exact quote for your area, give us a call at 262-993-6950!

What maintenance is required for concrete coated surfaces?

Maintenance involves regular cleaning with mild cleaners, avoiding harsh chemicals, and periodic reapplication of a topcoat to maintain durability and appearance.

It’s also important to address any chips or cracks promptly to prevent further damage.

These can happen from Wisconsin snow very easily.

How long does it take to apply concrete coating in Wisconsin?

For our clients the total time to apply a concrete coating can vary but generally includes at least a day for preparation, a day for application, and additional time for curing.

Curing can take several days depending on the coating type and environmental conditions. Quick-cure options like polyaspartic coatings can reduce this time significantly.

Why Us?


Floors are resistant to all common chemicals, including calcium, salt, oil, gasoline and grease.


Our coatings are stronger and much more durable than standard epoxy flooring solutions.


Our floors are UV Stable.


Flooring options are available in a variety of styles and colors.

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