Nothing lasts forever – even concrete.

As the highest rated concrete coating company in Waukesha, WI, one of the most common questions we’re asked is the longevity of our coats.

Or in other words, if you want a new floor for your garage or basement, how long can you expect it to last before calling folks like us again?

The short answer is that it depends on the type of coating, where the concrete coating is done, and how much traffic it takes.

But that’s a bit underwhelming, isn’t it?

So this article is for homeowners and business owners who want new concrete but want to get an idea of how long it’ll last first.

Let’s start with the types of concrete coating, so you know what’s best for your space.

Epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic coatings are among the most common types used today, each with unique properties and typical lifespans.

Epoxy coatings are what our team mostly uses. Epoxy coatings are most known for their robustness, making them ideal for garages and industrial environments where heavy machinery and frequent traffic are common.

Think about places where things get done, tables get moved, and you need a tough floor if items get dropped.

For example, a local factory floor in Waukesha opted for an epoxy coating for its floors from our suggestion. Despite the constant presence of heavy vehicles and oil spills, the coating has maintained its integrity and appearance after five years, demonstrating epoxy’s suitability for high-stress environments

In contrast, polyurethane coatings are chosen for their flexibility and UV resistance, which makes them excellent for outdoor spaces and your patio.

A homeowner in Milwaukee hired us to apply polyurethane to their patio to take advantage of these properties, since it had great proximity to sunlight. The same coating has successfully resisted the harsh sunlight and weather conditions, showing no signs of fading or wear even after seven years.

Polyaspartic coatings offer a balance between quick curing times and durability.

For example, a retail store in Mequon, WI chose this type of coating to minimize downtime during renovation. The fast application and quick set time did not interrupt business operations, and the surface has withstood high foot traffic and maintained its luster for over eight years.

All of this to say that the type of coating is super important – just like how different car engines can last longer than others, concrete coatings last longer depending on the type and application.

There’s 2 big factors which determine how long concrete coating lasts:

  1. How The Coating Was Installed
east troy concrete
Concrete Coating Instal By Excel in East Troy, WI

In many ways, concrete coating is similar to painting. You can have the best paint on the market, but if you give it to a 3 year old they can’t paint your walls properly.

In this case, the 3 year old is an inexperienced concrete coating company.

The lifespan of a concrete floor coating largely depends on the initial surface preparation and the application process. Poorly prepared surfaces trap moisture, dirt, and contaminants underneath the coating, preventing it from adhering properly.

In other words – if the concrete is not adequately cleaned or if the surface is uneven, the coating may not bond effectively, resulting in bubbling, peeling, or cracking soon after application.

This not only compromises the appearance of the floor but also its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Another critical aspect where errors can occur is in the mixing and application of the coating itself.

Concrete coatings have specific ratios of resin to hardener that need to be precisely followed to ensure optimal curing and hardening. As a concrete coating company with years of experience, this is why that experience matters.

An incorrect mix can lead to a coating that never fully hardens or cures, which makes it less durable and more susceptible to damage under normal use conditions.

Additionally, applying the coating at inappropriate temperatures or humidity levels can interfere with the curing process, weakening the final result.

For example, applying epoxy in too cold or damp conditions can prevent it from setting correctly, leaving the surface tacky and vulnerable to dirt and staining.

  1. How Much Foot Traffic The Concrete Floor Deals With
concrete coating front porch
Front Porch Concrete Coating by Excel

When you walk across a concrete floor, it’s easy to assume those steps don’t make a difference. But now amplify it by hundreds of people a day over a decade, and you start to see real cracks.

High traffic areas that feature concrete coatings are susceptible to accelerated wear and tear, which significantly shortens the lifespan of both the coating and the underlying concrete floor.

This is almost always the case in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and public spaces where foot traffic, machinery movement, and frequent loads are common, the continual stress can cause the coating to degrade faster than in less active areas.

This degradation manifests as scratches, chips, and worn patches where the protective coating has been compromised, exposing the concrete beneath to further damage.

But it’s not just people – on factory floors equipment can way thousands of pounds and vehicles can drive up and down the concrete floor.

For example, areas subject to vehicular traffic, such as garages and warehouses (like we mentioned earlier for our Waukesha factory example, can experience more intense wear due to the weight and movement of vehicles, potentially embedding dirt and grit into the coating and grinding it away over time.

Similarly, if the traffic includes the frequent movement of heavy equipment or dragging of pallets and other rough materials, the abrasion can strip away the coating layer by layer, drastically reducing its effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

This constant abrasion not only diminishes the protective qualities of the coating but also necessitates more frequent maintenance and reapplication efforts to restore the floor’s integrity and appearance.

Is there a simple answer for how long concrete coatings last?

excel concrete coatings truck
Excel Concrete Coatings Truck

While it’s different timelines for all the reasons mentioned above, concrete coatings typically last at least 15-20 years provided they’re well taken care of.

Every situation is different based off location, weather, how the concrete floor was installed, and more.

But if your goal is to extend the life of the concrete floor in your home – our best advice is to hire the right folks to do it in the first place.

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