If you are considering installing polyaspartic flooring, then you might be considering doing the installation yourself to cut down on costs. As with any home improvement project, the biggest expense is usually the cost of labor because learning a trade can take years of hard work.

However, when it comes to installing polyaspartic flooring, hiring a professional is usually the best choice. Although DIY projects can be rewarding, the installation process of polyaspartic coatings requires expertise and specialized equipment.

In this article, we will take a look at several reasons why it’s typically best to opt for hiring a pro rather than attempting to install polyaspartic flooring by yourself.

Why Hire a Pro to Install Your Polyaspartic Flooring?

Experience and Expertise

Professional flooring companies have the experience and expertise needed to ensure that your flooring installation is successful. Professional polyaspartic flooring installers have a well-rounded understanding of the entire process, including preparing the substrate, mixing and applying the polyaspartic coating, and achieving a uniform finish.

Equipment and Tools

Installing polyaspartic flooring can sometimes require specialized equipment and tools, such as shot blasters, grinders, and mixers. Polyaspartic flooring professionals not only have all of these tools on hand, but they also are skilled in using them. If you are unfamiliar with how these tools work, using them to install your polyaspartic flooring can lead to uneven coatings and subpar results.

Surface Preparation

Achieving a seamless and durable polyaspartic floor begins with meticulous surface preparation. Polyaspartic flooring professionals know how to assess the substrate’s condition, identify imperfections, and perform the necessary repairs or adjustments. Proper surface preparation is essential to ensure a strong bond between the polyaspartic coating and the concrete surface below.

Understanding the Product

Polyaspartic coating manufacturers provide specific guidelines for installation, including temperature, humidity, and application techniques. Flooring professionals are well-versed in the specific uses and techniques for a wide variety of products, and they understand how to use them to create a durable and high-performance flooring solution.


Polyaspartic flooring is well-known for its extremely fast cure times, and it’s essential to work quickly when using these materials. Additionally, the process requires extensive planning and preparation to avoid mistakes.

For example, it’s important to plan out how the coating will be applied since it will begin to set within minutes after its application. Suppose that you are applying polyaspartic coating to a large area, and because of a lack of planning, you accidentally back yourself into a corner. You would then be forced to walk on top of a section that has already begun to set up. Such a mistake could result in inconsistencies and flaws within the polyaspartic coating.


When you hire a professional polyaspartic flooring installation company, their work is guaranteed by an extensive warranty that covers both the product and the labor. This will give you peace of mind while ensuring that any issues that may arise will be promptly addressed at no extra cost.

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