Basement coatings are a simple and affordable way to improve the room’s overall look. A basement coating helps transform your space from dark and dull to bright and welcoming. With so many designs, patterns, and colors to choose from, upgrading your basement floor has never been easier. 

In this post, we examine the benefits of basement coatings and how they can level up your space. 

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Ways Basement Coatings Enhance Your Space 

Coating systems can improve the overall look of the room. In addition, it is an easy way to add personality and new life to your basement. 

Improve Your Basement’s Style

Basement coatings come in a wide range of finishes, colors, and patterns, making it easy to find a layer that matches your aesthetic. So whether you are looking for a clean, solid color, a unique design, or a vibrant pattern, there is a design for you. 

A new basement flooring that matches your home creates a new welcoming space for your friends and family to relax and enjoy. 

Protect Your Basement Flooring 

Applying a basement coating to your floors protects them from several potential issues. Many layers are long-lasting and durable enough to keep your floor safe from scratches, grease, oil, water, and other elements. A coating is especially beneficial if you have pets or small children, as they are scratch-resistant and provide extra traction. 

In addition, if you live in an area with heavy rainfall or snow, a coating will make your flooring safer and even easier to clean. 

Easy to Maintain Your Basement Floor 

Maintaining and cleaning your basement floor has never been easier. Basement coatings are simple to wash. You only need a cloth or mop to wipe away any spills, dirt, or dust.

In addition, concrete coatings are long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon. 

Basement Coating Application Process 

In addition to providing numerous advantages, applying a basement coating is relatively straightforward. At Excel Concrete Coatings, we follow a straightforward application process for superior results every time. 

1. Prepare the Basement Surface 

Preparing the concrete surface is the first step to applying the perfect coat. First, we remove stains and fix imperfections by grinding the surface.  Removing dirt and dust ensures the coating goes on smoothly and the layer properly adheres to the concrete surface. 

2. Repair Dents and Cracks 

The second step of the process is to repair any cracks and divots. It is essential to ensure your garage flooring is free of large dents, cracks, and stains for the best application. That is why we use a repair mender that ensures your basement flooring is smooth. 

3. Vacuum Dust and Dirt 

In the third step, we vacuum any leftover dust or dirt from the repair mender. For example, vacuuming the concrete floor prepares it for the polyurea coatings. 

4. Apply the First Layer 

The fourth step includes laying the polyurea base coat. The basecoat seals the concrete before applying the first layer. 

5. Broadcast 

Step five is to broadcast the colored flakes. 

6. Remove Excess Flakes 

In step six, we remove the excess chips and ensure your flooring is smooth and clean. 

7. Apply Last Coat 

Finally, we apply a clear polyaspartic top coat for a strong and durable finish. 

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